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Mia Zapatta
United States
Current Residence: Pennsylvania
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Extra large
Favourite genre of music: All types
MP3 player of choice: Zen Stone
Shell of choice: Hero's in a half shell
Wallpaper of choice: The wallpaper in my livingroom
Skin of choice: The skin I am in
Favourite cartoon character: Woodstock, CatDog
Personal Quote: Life is not too short, death is just too long
Does God have room for a reformed bully?
I was thinking about high school. You would never have gotten away with the crap that i did in high school, today. I was awful. It was the early 80's. My Senior year I missed 45 days of school. That was a whole nine weeks. I went to Votech in the morning and you were only allowed to miss so many days so i would attend Vo-tech and then when the bus took me back to school, I would just leave. There were four of us that hung around together. We all had the same Votech class, so we would end up at the bowling alley or at my house watching MTV, my mom was rarely home in the day time. I was actually the first one in my family to graduate. My mother made my older brother quit school because he wasn't doing anything in his classes. When an elderly school teacher called my mom crying, because Tony misbehaved again in her class, my mom said, "That's it, your quitting. My older sister had gotten pregnant at 14 and quit school, so i was the scholar of the family. My Junior and Senior year is really a bit of a blur. I know I was stoned every single day. We hung out down at the path and smoked a lot of grass, drank and popped pills. I would take speed (which was actually caffeine pills) and sell them for 50 cents a piece and joints were a dollar. My brother would roll me joints and I would take a bundle about the size of a mason jar every week and sell them for a $1.00 a piece. When I was in school i skipped a lot of classes. The four of us would raid lockers for lunches and money, that was just what we did for kicks. This one time I didn't really like this girl so I had an empty Whitman's candy box. I put a snake that i had caught down the path in it and my friend wrote a note thanking her for being such an inspiration to the class of 83. i then placed it in her locker. Well the next thing I know the principle, with a whole bunch of kids trailing behind him took the box outside and opened it. The snaked popped out, he dropped the box, the snake went flying and everybody laughed. I was always pulling pranks. I was very fond of fire (I actually still am), I once caught a girls coat on fire in her closed locker and I once caught a trash can in the girls restroom on fire. I thought it was funny until a friend caught the trash can on fire in the guys restroom and was charged with arson. That was the end of my pyromaniac days. i would like to take this moment and let you know that I never, never, never served one day of in school or out of school suspension. You see i never got caught and I was nice and loving to all of my teacher right down to the lunch lady. I think they now refer to this as a "brown noser" ! I tended to be a bully, but not to the under dogs, it was all aimed at the better off's, the richer kids that lived up the hill. I lived down by the railroad tracks. I guess I was jealous. I hated the cheer leaders, the preppy girls and the ones that had a pair of Jordash Jeans for everyday of the week. You see i wore Levi's and didn't have much money. I am not bragging about my behavior, actually i feel really bad. I have apologized to many past classmates that I had picked on. In A. A. they calls these amends. I will never forget the time _______ entered the rooms of A.A. and I was able to make amends to her. Back when I was a senior, she was real religious. She would bring Jimmy Swaggert 8 tracks to Votech and play them during lunch time. I stole her 8-track tape and recorded Van Halen, "Running with the Devil" over all four tracks. I would let Jimmy Swaggert singing for like 10 seconds and then it would rip into Van Halen. I wasn't very nice, but I was crafty. Anyways I apologized to her and gave her $10.00 which she ended up putting in the A. A. basket. We had a good laugh and everything was ok. Today I see myself as a reformed bully. i know longer feel the need to pick on people. i hold the door for old ladies, I give stray animals food and water and a place to rest there tired bones. I am not proud of any of this stuff, but those experiences make me who I am today. I am kinder to people then most, I go out of my way to talk to people and try not to look down on anyone. I just hope God has a place in heaven for a reformed bully,and a Sharpsville Blue Devil! Class of "83"

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